Designing screenshots: a guide on how to achieve a 32% conversion lift

case study from Bubble Birds 4

With our case study from Bubble Birds 4, we tried to show what exact things you can change in your efforts in designing screenshots that will convert and engage users in the best possible way.

In their test, developers wanted to check if a personal approach in designing screenshots will influence the conversion rates of their app page. The following changes have been applied and, as a result, delivered significant performance:

1) The main character overlaid on each screenshot. This way, a bird acts as a storyteller that speaks to users and represents what to expect from the game. Additionally, the character becomes the main element of the screenshot which helps in catching user attention and raises interest.

main character overlaid on each screenshot

2) The captions were rewritten. New, shorter, and action-packed copies start highlighting experience instead of just showing the list of features: “Challenging and rewarding gameplay” – this is a feature, while “Birds challenge you!” – invites the user to accept the challenge and launch the game. The same is the case here: “Beautiful hand-drawn locations” – a feature. “Discover wonderful worlds” – makes the game feel playful.

The captions were rewritten

3) Remastered visuals. Plain screenshots were replaced with a healthy mix of art overlays, real screenshots, and gameplay elements. These changes give your screenshots a composition with a key focal point that first catches attention and then leads the viewer’s eye to wander around the whole visual.

The results of this test showed that 32% more users clicked the install button which means that you get more installs. However, increased conversion is not the only thing you receive:

  1. You start cutting down your cost on user acquisition. It’s not that evident but once you’ve improved app page conversion, you start paying less for each of the next user. It’s easy to calculate: Let’s assume you have a 20% conversion rate for your page, spend $15K per month on traffic and it costs you 1$ to drive a user to your app page. In case if you managed to increase your conversion rate to 25%, you start saving $3000 per month or $36000 per year. Wow!
  2. More qualified users. With our in-depth statistics, we were able to see that the first screens are the turning point for users to further scroll on your page. So, if you manage to make your first screens more engaging, then more users will study the rest of your assets thus increasing the number of informed users you’re able to receive in the end.

how far visitors are scrolling variation pages


1) Creating a good test often means not just changing a single element, but applying combined changes that follow the tested idea: rewrite your copy, give structure to your visuals, add new elements or remove unnecessary ones.

2) Any successful test will help you achieve a conversion rates lift and reduce user acquisition costs.

Source: SplitMetrics