Finding new traffic sources for game monetization in Russia with myTarget

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A ZiMAD case: how to find new traffic sources for game monetization in Russia

ZiMAD team specializes in developing and publishing popular games and apps for mobile platforms, PC and social networks. Our projects include Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, the most popular online puzzle collection with 50 million installs, Dig Out!, My Museum Story and the Bubble Birds series.

We’ve been working on the Russian market since 2009 and are constantly developing our games to attract more users and advertisers to our apps. Our goal was to get additional traffic to the games in order to increase their monetization. Therefore we decided to connect our Magic Jigsaw Puzzles collection to an ad network called myTarget in order to reach the VK, OK and Group users. 

myTarget and ZiMAD "About our partnership" image

At the beginning we set several goals, which we wanted to achieve while working with the top app of the series:

  • Increasing the ad fill rate in Russia;
  • Testing a new ad network and forming a competition for traffic processing in Russia. We’ve only worked with one other Russian ad network before.

Solutionbanners, interstitial, rewarded video images

In order to do the ad network integration, we worked closely with myTarget team. Initially, we launched only the 320×50 banner format. We gradually ran some tests and added access to new formats for myTarget partners, such as rewarded video and interstitial (full-screen ads), including carousels, full-screen videos and 728×90 banners. We optimized the placement and the waterfall model — an operating principle of offering mobile advertising by a partner network in priority order based on CRM/Fill Rate/total revenue, which eliminated integration errors. Over time we added advertising to other apps: after the connection of network, the CRM increased by an average of 15-30% depending on the app. 


  1. In one of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles apps, the 320×50 banners had a low click-through rate. After checking the integration from myTarget’s team side we concluded, that the elements of the app were not clickable. The developers’ team fixed the problem in the next market app update.
  2. The 728×90 banners were not displayed in the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Android app. Checking the integration showed the problem: it was in the displaying of the ad banners from the app’s side, the server responses to ad requests from myTarget side were positive. We fixed this problem in our next app update. 

The results

Overall integration results:eCPM, ARPU data

  • myTarget takes the first place in the priority of waterfall in the Russian location and monetizes most of the traffic — 75% of the Russian revenue is generated by myTarget’s advertising network.
  • Fill Rate and revenue in Russia have also increased.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles top app results:Magic Jigsaw Puzzle revenue data, overall Russian ad revenue data

  • In Q2 2018, revenue in Russia increased by 29% compared to Q1. In Q3 compared to Q2 revenue increased by another 20%.
  • Total eCPM in Q2 increased by 10% compared to Q1. 
  • The average revenue per user in Q2 increased by 3.5% compared to Q1, and in Q3 increased by 50% compared to Q2.

This partnership with myTarget allowed to increase monetization of ZiMAD apps in Russia, the advertising network became the leader among existing partners. In the process of testing and adapting the team quickly reacted to any questions and helped to solve them.