Interview with Gamezebo on XIMAD plans for GDC attendance

XIMAD plans for GDC attendanceFollowing the success of Magic Jigsaw Puzzle, and subsequent release of new title, Star Crusade, which represents a totally new direction for the company, XIMAD is going from strength-to-strength.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is XIMAD’s flagship game and contains well over 5000 virtual jigsaw puzzles in a variety of different collections.

The Puzzle Store offers a variety of paid and free puzzles in puzzle packs and bundles and is constantly being updated with new content.

There are four difficulty levels, a daily puzzle challenge, and a chance to get social by sharing your successes (and failures!) on Facebook and Twitter.

You can download the game and create an account for free, allowing you to save puzzle bundles, scores, and stats as well as restore previously deleted puzzle packs.

Winning multiplayer tournaments can earn you coins to buy even more puzzle packs. If you’re pressed for cash, you can even create your own puzzles using your own pictures and photos.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

XIMAD has announced that it will be attending GDC and will host the #2423 booth where it will present two of its products: Magic Jigsaw Puzzles and a new one – Star Crusade.

We spoke to Marketing Manager, Olga Rozhnova, about XIMAD’s attendance at GDC, the success of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, and who to contact if you’d like to use XIMAD’s services.

Q: XIMAD will be making an appearance at GDC this year, how exactly do you plan to participate?

A: – We’ll have a booth #2423, where our colleagues will show presentations on our products and solutions we offer. There everyone will be able to discuss different features of monetization.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Q: What do you plan to achieve by attending GDC?

A: One of our key priorities is marketing of our great apps. We already have a strong partnership with many top networks, such as: Applovin, Chartboost, Adcolony, Vungle, but are constantly working on optimizing our marketing efforts to decrease the effective cost of the acquired user and are widely open to discuss any user acquisition campaigns. Our partners will have an opportunity to discuss UA campaigns with myself at GDC or you can email us at

Q: Who should interested parties contact if they’re interested in your other services?

A: Those who’re interested in buying our traffic should speak to Alexander Konstantinov, Director of Ad Operations, or email him at

Alex is attending the conference and will be happy to provide information on XIMAD’s traffic potential.

puzzle app

Q: What do you think Magic Jigsaw Puzzles offers that you can’t get from any other title on the App Store?

A: The main feature that differs a lot in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles from a range of similar puzzle apps is the fact we have transformed it into a full game service with user accounts, its own puzzle store, the social aspect, and a sense of anticipation among users.

Q: What challenges did you face during development, and how did you overcome them?

A: It was hard enough transforming a range of several simple puzzle apps into a game service with over 5000 jigsaws together in just one app, but now we’re working on true social interaction. We’re planning a version that will allow users to create and share their own puzzles so other players can solve them as well.

Q: You’ve recently announced your new title, Star Crusade, can you tell us a little about the game?

A: Star Crusade is an absolutely new direction for the company. It’s a digital online multiplayer collectible card game with a unique space theme.

A demo version will be presented at GDC and everyone will have an opportunity to try the game and to take a picture with two big cutouts of game characters.

The game differs a lot from everything we’ve been doing before as we’ve mostly focused on puzzle and match-three games. Our main auditory are women but we’re extending and looking at new business directions.

To discuss UA campaigns forward all questions to Olga Rozhnova, marketing manager at XIMAD during GDC or email her at If you’re interested in buying mobile traffic please refer to Alexander Konstantinov, Director of Ad Operations or email him at

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is available on all major platforms, including iOS, Amazon, and Android. Follow this link to download it for your respective device.

Source: Gamezebo