Magic Jigsaw Puzzles reveals 56% higher ROI big loyalty with Vungle mobile video ads

UA managers are some of the most data-driven people in the industry. Building a successful acquisition program requires constant monitoring of key metrics like loyalty, activation, retention and LTV. And then, there’s the constant tweaking of features and placements to optimize each campaign.

Vungle delivered

The savvy marketing team at XIMAD, Inc. is no stranger to this process. To get the most out of their advertising budget, they carefully optimize each campaign for user quality. “The more user quality we have, the better our product is,” said Anna Nikolaeva, XIMAD’s Marketing Manager.

In their recent campaign with Vungle, they placed their popular puzzle game Magic Jigsaw Puzzles in front of millions of users through Vungle’s Private Marketplace. Thanks to big volume and engaging campaign creative, the users acquired delivered more revenue in one month than all other ad networks combined – 30 percent of total revenue. And, ROI for the campaign period was 56 percent higher than the average ad network.

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Source: Vungle blog