08:22 AM

Is It Worth Localizing An Indie Game?

This is the Number One Question for any indie game studio considering localization, so we thought we’d get some answers from developers who took the leap.

ZiMAD speak candidly about the uncertainties, preparation, financial investments and the time they put in localizing their game.

They also go into detail about some tricks to save time and money on localization, their strategies and the tools they use in Unity.

At the end we talk about the impact of their localization efforts and each of them has a different take on that. From features in the app store, to reaching wider audiences and building larger player bases, all three studios have a valuable story to tell.

ZiMAD is an international developer and another partner of Level Up Translation. Their ASO wizard, Valeriya Shytikova, agreed to share some tips for mobile game developers and tell us about their experience localizing Dig Out!.

03:10 PM

The Results of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

National Breast Cancer FoundationHello friends!

For the whole month of October, together with National Breast Cancer Foundation, we gathered proceeds from special puzzle packs to help women all over the world get necessary help and medical care to fight breast cancer. And the results are incredible! $50,216 were collected!

Such a remarkable result would be impossible without you, our dear players! Thank you all for joining our charity initiatives and your willingness to help women in need!

01:57 PM

Case Study: Zimad Gets 36% Conversion Uplift by Optimizing Screenshots for Japan

Conversion Uplift by Optimizing Screenshots for Japan


People prefer visual content over text. Applying this trend to app store optimization, it becomes crystal clear that publishers should pay close attention to such product page elements as screenshots, icons, etc. After all, screenshots take a great proportion of app’s store page and get the the best part of users’ attention.

Yet, how to turn your visuals into a converting machine?