XIMAD prepared two excellent gifts for Magic Jigsaw Puzzles users

Magiс Jigsaw Puzzles developer has prepared 2 presents at once for the puzzle players! Besides special sale dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day among the best thematic puzzle packs, puzzle lovers will be able to check a new version of beloved game released on Facebook today.

MJP on Facebook is accessible among all web browsers. It looks similar to mobile versions, but has deeper socialization, some differences in the mechanics of the game and location of familiar elements. The dashboard now has only 4 sections that are very simple to navigate: Collection, My Puzzles, Friends, Best in the World.
Collection section includes preinstalled collection of puzzles followed by the Puzzle Shop. So to select new puzzles now you just need to scroll down. That’s it!
My Puzzles section helps you add new puzzles made from your own pictures and gather the ones created before in one place for easier access to them.

Friends section contains all puzzles of your friends. The images are hidden so your need to solve a puzzle in order to see the whole picture. It’s possible to leave comments and likes on each puzzle and share them in social media channels. Friends section also let you invite friends to the game with one click and shows your friends’ progress.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is an international game so Best in the World section is designed to unite players and share best of their shots among community. Everyone can try their luck and send their own puzzles to developer’s review. While it’s approved the puzzle will be seen by millions of puzzle players as the gallery is unique among all types of devices.

Facebook version release is the next huge step to make the game easy to access for larger number of people. With the platform synchronization feature planned in future updates the game will achieve the goal to unite the magic.

Source: Gamasutra