The sci-fi card game ‘Star Crusade CCG’ has released

We’ve written in the past about Star Crusade CCG [Free], and even got a chance to check it out at GDC, and now the game is officially out. Yes, another CCG, but this one tries to bring a few different ideas to the table. The game has variable deck sizes — with smaller ones starting first and the larger ones having more survivability — module cards — which add unique bonuses and skills to your commander — and much more. There are over 400 cards available currently and plenty of different ways to play — casual, ranked, draft etc — that should keep you busy. From what I’ve seen in gameplay trailers so far, the game looks pretty good.

The game is also betting on its deep sci-fi lore and different classes as well as its focus on building a strong community around the game. The reviews are pretty positive on Steam and the developers seem to have a pretty good idea of how the want the game to expand. The game also has cross-platform multiplayer, which should help it build a bigger player base. So, if you like CCGs and you either want something different from Hearthstone or like sci-fi, give Star Crusade CCG a chance.

Source: TouchArcade