Zimad grows rewarded video revenue by double digits

“Vungle’s guidance on ad placements in our app instantly increased iOS revenue from $200 per day to over $6,000. No other partner took that much care to ensure we were successful.”
Svetlana Osipova, iOS Ad Ops Manager, Zimad

Zimad is an international developer and publisher of games for all major mobile platforms, social networks, and desktops.

The company was founded with the goal of bringing to life revolutionary concepts and redefining conventional mobile gaming and reading. The company’s portfolio features a mix of casual games and more complex games, including Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, that are played by millions of users worldwide.

Zimad turned to Vungle to help improve monetization for the company’s expansive array of games. By partnering with Vungle, the leading in-app video advertising and monetization platform, Zimad was able to significantly boost revenue for iOS, Android and Windows.

 The Challenge

Like many app developers, Zimad was looking for a partner that could effectively monetize its expansive user base without detracting from the overall customer experience. The company wanted to maximize its revenue across iOS, Android and Windows, while simultaneously limiting the number of partner integrations it was required to manage. Additionally, in an effort to preserve user experience, Zimad wanted a partner that had top quality creative and more granular control over what creative was featured in its application. To Zimad, the ideal partner would be a trusted consultant who would actively supply data-driven recommendations on how to drive even more competitive eCPMs and revenue with additional rewarded ad placements in its app. That ideal partner was Vungle.

The Solution

Zimad turned to Vungle as its exclusive monetization partner for iOS and Windows while prioritizing Vungle as its top ad provider from the short list of monetization partners for Android. Vungle’s combination of creative expertise, top eCPMs across all platforms, and consistent fill made it the clear choice for Zimad’s premier partner.

“We chose Vungle as our exclusive rewarded video partner on iOS because of its beautiful creatives, insightful recommendations to drive even more revenue, and competitive eCPM performance across geos,” said Svetlana Osipova, Zimad iOS Ad Ops Manager. “Vungle is the only performance marketing platform that has a rewarded video SDK for Windows, and we are proud to have it in our application.”

With guidance from Vungle, Zimad expanded its placements from one to three within Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, spurring exponential revenue gains.

The Results

iOS: Add new monetization opportunities which currently accounts for 15% of total revenue. Vungle’s optimization efforts drove more competitive eCPMs and Vungle’s strategic guidance on ad placements in Zimad’s popular app, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, resulted in a massive boost in traffic to the ad experience.
29x revenue increase with Vungle suggested placements | 33% of total iOS revenue | 100% of iOS rewarded video

Android: Increase eCPM significantly which drove revenue uplifts of 20%, now equating to 43% of
total Android video ad revenue.
11x revenue increase with Vungle suggested placements | 15% of total Android revenue

Windows: Start monetizing with rewarded video ads on Windows, a new experience for Zimad Window’s customers and something no other company can do. Adding Vungle monetization instantly grew Windows ad revenue by 30%.
20x revenue increase with Vungle suggested placements | 19% of total Windows revenue | 100% of Windows rewarded video

Source: Vungle