ZiMAD is mobile games developer and publisher

Our history started in 2009 and has led us to the present day. All this time we've been developing and publishing games that excite players worldwide. We work diligently to refine and master our technical skills and do projects that both we and players enjoy

Our partners Also, past partnerships include Sony Pictures Television Inc., Cartoon Network, and National Geographic.

Making history

The story begins!

We hired employees and opened our first office.

Happy Birthday, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles!

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was released. Even after many years, it is still a massive hit in the genre.

Smile for the birdie!

We released Bubble Birds 4, a project that has captured not only Google Play and App Store, but also the Microsoft store!

Bubble Birds V

We released Bubble Birds V: the sequel to the warbird game so beloved by players!

Dig Out!

We released the game about a brave miner who has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of players.

National Geographic

We launched major partnerships and signed a contract with National Geographic for the first time.

ZiMAD + Sony Pictures

Great news! Sony Pictures became our partner.

Let's go to a museum!

My Museum Story, a game appreciated by millions of players worldwide, was released.

A new game in our collection

We released Magic Solitaire – a true classic of board games!

One Step to Sci-fi.

Star Crusade, a collectible card game, fully voiced and translated into seven languages, was released globally.

ZiMAD + Cartoon Network

It's adventure time! Cartoon Network, the largest children's TV channel, became our partner.

We've released Magic Cross Stitch

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world enjoy this relaxing game.

ZiMAD + Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon became our partner!

Let's play a word game?

Inspired by the puzzle genre, we released Magic Words, a crossword puzzle game for relaxation and brain training.

Dominoes in your pocket

We released Domino Online in collaboration with the talented team at Pixeland studio. This exciting and challenging game is now at the top of its genre.

Let's paint it!

Magiс Color by Numbers was launched globally.

ZiMAD + Disney

Disney characters appeared in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles.

We've released Puzzle Villa

The player has to collect puzzles, design an old mansion and go through a fascinating story in the atmosphere of sunny Spain.


Recreate the history of treasured photographs with your own hands!

Our values

Working hard to

We love games and game dev with all our hearts, and this is mutual

We create the right

Brainstorms and bug trackers, feedback and snacks – everything for a comfortable work

We gravitate towards

A new advanced technology has just appeared? We are already studying it!

We focus on the results

Brilliant ideas don’t come out of the blue, but clear goals, dedication, and commitment to our work are our keys to success – that's where we find them.

We are open to people
and ideas

Friendship, kindness, and respect are at the top of our values, and they can never be challenged by tricky tasks and approaching deadlines.

Follow the

We do not stand aside and often do charity work

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