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13 years of magic: Magic Jigsaw Puzzles celebrates anniversary

June 17, 2024

Our pride and joy, the project that started it all—the legendary Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is celebrating its 13th anniversary! In that time, the game has captured the hearts of puzzle fans around the world, and today boasts over 150 million downloads and more than 40,000 unique puzzle packs.

It’s been an incredible journey full of unforgettable partnerships, high-profile releases, unique features, and of course, invaluable feedback and support from our players. In honor of this milestone, we would like to take a moment to recall some of the most important milestones in the game’s history and express our gratitude to all of our players and partners.



Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was launched in 2011 and immediately won the hearts of puzzle lovers around the world. The simplicity and addictiveness of the game allowed it to quickly become popular among users of all ages.


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was released on Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was released on Microsoft Store.


That year saw the first collaboration of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles with such a giant as National Geographic. As part of the collaboration, a special pack with images of animals and nature was launched, which instantly captured the audience’s attention.


The interest of the audience can only be maintained if the content is regularly updated. In 2017, a collaboration with Sony Pictures featuring famous cartoon characters, such as Spider-Man, a favorite of many generations, was released.

In the same year, a major update to the navigation and home screen of the app was released. Also, thanks to iOS features, the ability to upload any photo from the gallery to the game and create a puzzle based on it was added. Also a daily puzzle section was added to the Windows version, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


Cartoon Network, a major children’s television channel known for the Adventure Time series and many more, has become our next partner. And spoiler—it wasn’t not the last one.

This year, we’ve added the subscriptions feature for iOS, Google Play and Amazon —from that moment, users can additionally receive unique puzzle sets.


2019 has been packed with big updates. We added a daily bonus for players, as well as the functionality of daily missions—mini-goals that describe which packs you need to assemble to get extra rewards. A little later, we added the ability to view assembled packs in a slideshow. 


It was the time of cool features by Apple: we added Apple Sign In, native Apple pop-up rated, and introduced iOS Auto renewable subscriptions and the win-back tool.

We also released the feature for selecting the next puzzle without having to go to the main menu and the automatic time-lapse when assembling puzzles.

In September 2020, we introduced a tutorial with a finger that demonstrated the basic elements and mechanics of the game. And finally, we introduced regular events like the Christmas event and the Gardener for all versions.


ZiMAD announced its large-scale cooperation with Disney! During that partnership, players were pleased with content based on all their favorite cartoons, such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Soul, Inside Out, and many more. 

Also, we added custom cut puzzles: radial, animals, plants, and mandala shapes. Two of these types became available to all players, and two—within the subscription. A little later, boosters appeared in the game to help in assembling complex packs.


Together with LIFE, ZiMAD has offered users to revive the most exciting moments of the 20th century captured in photos.

In addition, we’ve updated the levels—now collecting puzzles has become a fascinating journey through different countries. And more recently, the Leagues functionality—a competitive event for all players—has been introduced.


Every year we support mental health month with various activities: we release special puzzle sets, sponsor funds, develop the theme of mental health support in the community. In 2024, we released the first playlist on Spotify, where we compiled a selection of meditative music to create a relaxing environment.

Let’s continue writing our history together!

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